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"Let Us Welcome You Home"

AXBN Construction and Services Inc. is a national provider of various wholesale properties and buyer groups including but not limited to the First Time Home Buyers Program. We aim to invest in single family homes, apartment units, condominiums, duplexes and properties allocated for first time and second time home buyers. Our diverse partnerships have also allowed us to service the Section 8 Housing Program which is affiliated with the Housing Authority as well as the Center for Affordable Home Ownership Program. In having these connections, we are able to coordinate with prospective buyers to offer an assortment of buying options from renovated to newly constructed residences. With access to high quality wholesale materials and finishes our clients are able to create a space reflective of their individual style supporting authentic design. Our selection of premium finishes and exceptional properties have provided continued success for both our residential and commercial clientele.

 Thank You for Your Continued Support

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